Q: I've always been uncomfortable in front of the camera. Do you think I could be a pin-up?

A: Yes, you certainly could - even if you've never liked having your photo taken. We will walk you through the procedure to ensure that your pictures depict you at your most beautiful!



Q: Do you use photos of professional models on your website?

A: All the pictures on our website are ordinary people just like you.



Q: When do I see my images?

A: It usually takes 7 business days. For December and January, please allow at least 10 business days.



Q: Do you shoot on location?

A: Yes, indeed! Please contact us to discuss the details.



Q: Can I make prints with the USB drive that's included in the package?

A: Absolutely! All of the edited photos from your wedding day will be on your USB drive. They will be high resolution and ready to print.



Q: When will you arrive to capture the beginning photos?

A: We begin shooting 1 1/2 hours before the ceremony starts.



Q: Could you keep my pictures private?

A: Yes, of course. Your pictures will never be shared without your explicit permission. Your pictures could be kept completely private and seen by no one but you and your photographer if you so wish. We might use your images on our website if you decide to give permission for such use.



Q: Do you put my images online?

A: We do not put boudoir or glamor photos without client's permission.



Q: “Does your studio provide videography services?

A: Yes. To see examples of our videography services.



Q) What if our reception runs later than we expected? Can you stay until the very end to capture our grand exit?

A) Of course, we can! We will bill you for overtime @ $100 ~ $350 per hour(depends on to your package).



Q: Can I spread my payments?

A: You can put a deposit down on a shoot then pay in installments, or arrange a 0% finance facility.



Q: What is your payment options?

A: Payment options include cash, Visa, Master card.



Q: How much should I budget for 2 hours photo session?

A: We advise between $250 - $450.


Q: Will you airbrush my pictures?

A: Yes. We smooth skin and can remove scars/stretch marks. Tattoo removal is at your request. You will still be you in the photos, but slightly more fine-tuned than in real life.



Q: Can I post my pictures that you have taken of me on websites like Facebook or Pinterest?

A: You could post them anywhere you want as long as you do not use them for commercial purposes.



Q: How are my photos retouched?

A: If you like we provide magazine-quality retouching: color correction, skin smoothing, curve creating, body lifting, body slimming, leg-lengthening and much more. We capture your best angles and poses yet we do not change your body shapes. We try our best to make your images as beautiful as possible while remaining true to life. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or specific requirements.


Q: Should I have one photographer or two?

A: A second photographer is recommended if you’re aiming to emphasize the photojournalistic element of your photography, or if you have a large number of wedding guests. Two photographers can work together to achieve excellent coverage of your entire day, with true photojournalistic excellence.



Q: How many people can fit into your Booth?

A:  Approximately 18 People can fit into one photo. What's even better is that they ALL get a copy if they want one!!


Q: Are the photos in color or black and white?

Both, your guests can hit the black and white or color button.


Q: Is the Photo Booth easy to use?

A: Our attendant extraordinaire will also help assist your guests should any questions arise.


Q: Can you serve out of Virginia?

A: We Offer Our Services To All Of Washington DC, Maryland And Northern Virginia.

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