Getting Ready For Portrait Shoot


#1 Take a rest at least 8 hours the night before.


#2 Do not eat too much especially heavy and fat. Eat something light but filling before you leave the house.


#3 Do not drink too much alcohol one day before.


#4 Do not use collagen and borax for at least two weeks before.


#5 If you are using contact lens, make sure you do not have any allergy to them.


#6 Come to the photography place earlier to relax and comfortable and do not have any stress.


#7 Be relax during the photography and do not condense your mussels, and never put your pressure just on your one feet.


#8 Color your nail appropriately and match with your dresses, black, white, and red is recommend.


#9 Please be one time or come earlier to relax and do not have any stress.


#10 During the photography do not try different haircuts because it might give you a bad feeling.


#11 If you play ant instrument please bring it also you can choose your favorite music preparing for modeling photography.


#12 You can take many clothes such as jeans, shorts, tops, and tees in different colors with high contrast, and any kind of hats, jewelry hight heels, and flats. Pick your outfit wisely. Try it on before you come to the shoot and make sure  fits you properly


#13 Also you can choose your favorite music and play that during your shoot.


#14 If you are coming as the couple it will be good if you bring some match clothes. if you are athletes you can bring the tight dress and if you are thin choosing the wide dress is appropriate.


#15 Please remove all brands label, size sticker from lace outfits.


#16 Bring your own props (music instruments, pets even sports uniforms ), it gives your portraits a personalized touch.


#17 Drink plenty of water for luminous skin.


#18 Communicate with your photographer throughout the process. Tell them if you are uncomfortable or don’t feel like the pose is you.



Outfit Suggestions

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