Getting Ready For Wedding and Engagement Shoot


#1 Take a rest at least 8 hours the night before.


#2 Do not eat too much especially heavy and fat. Eat something light but filling before you leave the house.


#3 Do not drink too much alcohol one day before.


#4 Do not use collagen and borax for at least two weeks before.


#5 If you are using contact lens, make sure you do not have any allergy to them.


#6 Come to the photography place earlier to relax and comfortable and do not have any stress.


#7 Be relax during the photography and do not condense your mussels, and never put your pressure just on your one feet.


#8 Always remember when we are relaxed and happy, your feelings are obvious in your pictures.


#9 Take your rings and jewelry with you for taking pictures.


#10 If making wedding clip and movie are in your program for the wedding day, the bride needs to take one white flat shoes whither.


#11 Please send us your plan, program, the floor plan of the venue and your event planner phone numbers for the wedding day earlier.


#12 let us know if you have any surprise in your plan.


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